At Dams and Spillways

Not only do dams congregate fish below them in the tailwaters, they attract fish above them in the lake or pond. The current in the spillway is a good place for fish to hold and feed. The deepest water in the pond or lake is usually right at the dam so it holds fish in hot or cold weather close to the bank.

You can usually walk out on the dam on public ponds and lakes. Look for an overflow pipe or other structure sticking out of the water that keeps the water level from getting too high. It's usually right on the old channel and is a good place to fish since the deepest water will be there. It also offers vertical structure that many kinds of fish like to hold around.

The spillway on bigger lakes and ponds will have water flowing through it much of the time. The current created by this flowing water brings fish in near it. If you can walk to the spillway, cast your bait above it and let the current move it back naturally. Be careful around the spillway because the banks are usually steep and the current can knock you off your feet.

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