Spring Fishing Is the Best

In spring many a young person's fancy turns to fishing. Spring is often the best time of year to go fishing because many species are very active when the water first starts warming up. Fishermen are ready to get out and take advantage of the better weather after being cooped up by winter weather, too. You're ready and so are the fish, so spring is one of the best seasons to fish.

Freshwater Fishing in Spring

Many species of freshwater fish respond to warming water in the spring to find places to spawn, and they start feeding more actively. Ice-out (the time when water is first free of ice) is a well-known time of heightened activity for many species of fish in the North, and you should take advantage of it if possible. Most fish start feeding heavily as soon as the water starts to warm no matter where they are. Water warming from the fifties may indicate spring in the South whereas ice melting may be the key in the North.

Spring is spawning season. Fishing for spawning fish is legal in many areas and should not be overlooked since it can produce some of the fastest action of the year. Crappie move into shallow water during the spawn and can be caught around shoreline cover only when they are spawning. Bass spawning beds and can be fished if it's legal in your area.

Spring comes at different times in different areas. It may happen in February in Georgia and May in the Wisconsin. Adapt to the fishing seasons where you will be fishing, and plan trips to other places to take advantage of the differences.

Hybrids, white bass, and landlocked striped bass make spawning runs up rivers and creeks, as do some other kinds of freshwater fish. Although hybrids can't reproduce, they don't know that and still respond to the instinct of their parent species. You can take advantage of these movements to catch them. Find a place where the lake or river narrows and set up there.

Trout respond to the spring by feeding actively and some species spawn when the water temperature warms. Walleye and perch become very active as soon as the ice melts or the water warms at all. Bream become more and more active as the water gets warmer in the spring, gradually increasing their feeding. And catfish start looking for more food to be ready to bed. You can take advantage of all of them.

Spring Fishing in Salt Water

Springtime brings many species of saltwater fish into rivers to spawn, and the season offers some of the best fishing of the year for striped bass. Some species of salmon come into the rivers in the spring, which is the best time to catch them. Steelhead make a spring spawning run in some areas and can be caught on light tackle and fly outfits, rather than by fishing deep and trolling.

Spring seems to come later in salt water since there is more water to warm. Spring is the beginning of the migration north by many species that spend the winter in warmer tropical waters, so be alert and ready to go if you live on the migration paths. Fish moving north in the spring may be one of the two times they are accessible to you. It's illegal in some places to go after spawning saltwater fish during the spring, so before you make a long trip, check to see what fish, if any, are protected there.

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