Palomar Knot

The Palomar knot is one of the most popular with bass fishermen and is easy to tie. It holds well and will provide up to 95 percent of the breaking strength of the line when tied correctly. This knot is also the preferred knot to use when tying braided and fused line because it won't slip as easily as the Improved Clinch knot.

When to Use the Palomar Knot

Use the Palomar knot to attach hooks, plugs, spinnerbaits, and any other terminal tackle to your line. It's a little harder to use when fishing with big plugs because the plug must be moved through the loop while you're tying it, but it can be done. This knot also pulls down tight on the eye of the hook or plug so it's best to use a ring or snap-on free-swinging baits.

The Palomar knot is useful in saltwater and freshwater applications and, because it's a small knot, it's a good knot for tying on very small hooks and baits. You can tie on hooks for live-bait fishing as well as any kind of small terminal tackle with this knot. It's not recommended for tying two lines together because it would be almost impossible to tie correctly.

How to Tie the Palomar Knot

To tie a Palomar knot:

  • Double about six inches of line at the end and stick the end of the loop through the eye of the hook or lure.

  • Tie an Overhand knot in the doubled portion of the line and leave the bait hanging from the bottom of the loop that's formed when you tie it.

  • Hold the Overhand knot between your finger and thumb and pass the hook through the loop at the end of the line.

  • Keep your finger on the Overhand knot or between the hook and line, and start pulling the knot tight.

  • Pull it tight by pulling on both the tag end and the standing line at the same time.

An Overhand knot is a knot made by making a loop in the line, inserting the tag end back through the loop, and pulling tight.


Tying a Palomar knot.


A finished Palomar knot.

How do I put folded line through the hook eye?

If the line will not go through the eye of the hook easily after forming a loop, stick the end of the line through the eye of the hook then stick it back through while holding the loop to make enough room.

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