Baking and Broiling Fish

Whole fish, fillets, and fish steaks all can be baked or broiled in an oven. Baking fish in a covered pan keeps moisture and flavor in. Broiling fish gives them a nice brown top but also keeps them moist. Many different seasonings can be added to fish when cooking in the oven to add different flavors to it.

Baking and Broiling — Good and Bad

Fish has been proved to be a healthy food, and baking and broiling are both healthy ways to cook them. Many people like the way fish tastes baked and broiled with nothing added. Or if you like, you can add just a little spice to improve the taste without adding calories or fat. Baking fish is easy: Cover the fish to retain moisture and flavor, and you don't have to keep a close watch on them. Broiling browns fish fillets and makes them a little drier, which is preferred by many people.

On the downside, baked and broiled fish usually have a stronger fish flavor than fish cooked other ways, and some people find it objectionable. Oily fish are often too strong to taste very good when baked or broiled unless something is added to them to cover the taste. Broiled fish can burn quickly and must be watched carefully

Ways to Bake and Broil Fish

Fish with mild white flaky meat like crappie, flounder, bass, and grouper are very good baked or broiled. For stronger-flavored fish, more seasoning needs to be added. For mild fish a few drops of lemon juice and maybe a pat of butter is all many people add. A little paprika or chili powder sprinkled on the fish before broiling or baking makes for an interesting flavor.

For an oven-fried taste, try rolling a fillet in some kind of stuffing mix and then baking it. This gives the fish a very good flavor and spices it up some. You can also stuff a whole fish with dressing or lay it on a bed of dressing to bake. Covering a fillet with salsa, picante sauce, or some other kind of tomato sauce can be an interesting way to cook it.

For oily fish like bluefish and striped bass, cover the fillets with bacon strips and onion rings before baking. The bacon and onion remove the strong fish flavor and give it a good taste. Also try other strong-tasting spices on strong-flavored fish to cover the fishy taste.

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