Top 10 Steps in Emergency Response

Here are the 10 steps you should take when responding to an emergency:

  1. Call 911 or shout for help until you know someone has heard and called 911, or go for help (either you or someone else needs to call 911).

  2. Assess the situation, make sure it's safe before you proceed, and stay calm.

  3. Check ABCs, and don't move a person unless there is a life-or-death reason to do so. Ask the injured person what happened.

  4. If a person is choking or can't breathe and you are trained in CPR, do the Heimlich maneuver and begin rescue breathing. If the person doesn't have a pulse, start CPR.

  5. For any bleeding, apply direct, even pressure.

  6. Manage for shock if the person is chilled, short of breath, nauseous, clammy, and pale.

  7. Look for a Medic Alert bracelet, necklace, or identification tag (or ID card or driver's license) for any medical history or special needs.

  8. After you have stabilized the injured person, go get professional medical help.

  9. Don't give the ill or injured person anything to eat or drink, including medications.

  10. Wait for the ambulance to arrive while comforting the ill or injured person.

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