Tracking Boards

A benefit and curse of the Internet age is the online tracking of everything from spec scripts to up-and-coming stars and filmmakers. A highly exclusive club of studio heads, executives, assistants, agents, and readers pays for access to invitation-only chat boards where everything and everyone is thoroughly discussed. These folks network and gossip, and share information as well as some of their workload. And as often as the system might be abused for blackballing, it's just as likely to help get your script or film into the right hands.

For example, the script reader for one company might have enjoyed reading your romantic comedy, but knows that his company is only producing horror movies. But his friend on a message board works for someone who specializes in romance films, so he slips her a good word and perhaps the coverage he's done. The next thing you know, you're getting a call to set up a meeting. There's no doubt that this system is somewhat inefficient and perhaps a bit unfair, but it is one of the realities of the modern movie industry.

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