Independent A-List Producers

While some independent producers have found regular homes with major studios, most still remain free agents, shopping their projects to the highest bidder.

Independent A-list producers include:

  • Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen, The Jinks/Cohen Company

  • Jerry Bruckheimer, Jerry Bruckheimer Films

  • Michael Bay, Bay Films

  • Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, Kennedy/Marshall Company

  • Mike Medavoy, Phoenix Pictures

  • Peter Guber, Mandalay Entertainment

  • Richard Zanuck, The Zanuck Company

  • Scott Rudin, Scott Rudin Productions

Some of these individuals worked their way up from production assistant or the mail room, others joined the film business with their M.B.A. freshly in hand, and a lucky few were born into Hollywood aristocracy. Whatever their background, all have proven themselves by repeated success at the box office.

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