The “Good Chi Garage Sale”

Having a garage sale is a great (and auspicious) way to begin your journey into the world of feng shui. By selling excess clutter of your own and your family's, you not only free up your living space, you also fill it with good chi and a few extra dollars.

If you decide to hold a “Good Chi Garage Sale,” be sure to price everything to go. Assign rock-bottom prices so that you are sure to get rid of most of your stuff in one day. Then use the power of feng shui to position your soon-to-be-former belongings to sell, sell, sell!

Bring out the Bagua

Group like items together, and then place them on tables that are slanted a little in order to activate the flow of energy around them. We want these items to radiate their energy to bargain hunters–not get lost in a huge pile of stagnant energy that is blocked by tables crammed together!

Place your most valuable items for sale on a table in your wealth corner–right near your checkout table, in the upper left corner of the bagua, if you want. The highest-priced items should be in the wealth corner to attract their best buyers.

Once a year, have a “feng shui clearing” garage sale. Get rid of any items you no longer use, like books, kitchen gadgets, CDs, and videos. Donate whatever doesn't sell to charity.

You will greatly increase the profitability of your Good Chi Garage Sale if you follow the bagua octagon in the placement of the goodies you're offering for sale. For instance, place old photo frames in your family corner (on the far left or east side of the bagua, beneath the wealth corner) to attract shoppers who might want these photo frames to house pictures of their loved ones. For added impact, slip in a picture of a family from a magazine.

Books, videos, and old bookshelves should be placed on a table or shelf in the knowledge corner of your “Good Chi” bagua, just below the family section. Line the middle entrance of your driveway with old office furniture, equipment, or accessories, since this is the career corner. It also has the corresponding elements of water and ancestral energy, so things that pertain to those elements can also be included in this area of the garage sale. Along with the career-oriented office stuff, you might also toss in some pool toys (or an old pool itself!), as well as that ugly old lamp that your dear departed relative left you. You've probably been keeping it out of a sense of duty–but while it may not go well with your décor, believe me when I say it will find a home somewhere else. Your benefactor would be happier if she knew her lamp was being used rather than tucked away collecting dust in your attic!

To the right of your “career” entrance is the helpful people corner of your Good Chi Garage Sale bagua. The elements that correspond to this corner are the heavens and travel, so here is where you might display old suitcases, photos, or posters of faraway places. You might also include any religious objects such as statues or icons.

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards. They try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want so that they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do in order to have what you want.

–Margaret Young

The children's department of your garage sale should be located in the west corner of this bagua, just up from the helpful people corner. This is where you will offer all the toys your kids no longer play with and the clothes they no longer wear. In most garage sales, these are the items that get sold and resold the most! Since the corresponding element to this area of the bagua is metal, you can also include metal items such as bicycles, candlesticks, and kitchen gadgets.

Old wedding gifts you didn't use would be a good fit in the marriage corner. This area of the bagua is in the top right, between the children's area and the fame corner. You can also put pottery and earth-related items in this section, since the corresponding element is earth. Pictures of land-scapes can be placed on the ground, leaning on the tables that hold the pottery and other earth-related items. If you are going through a divorce or just coming out of a failed relationship, this would also be a good place to get rid of old gifts and reminders!

The fame corner, which will be dead center in the south corner of your bagua, is the ideal place to sell anything that elevates the attract-iveness of the individual (with the potential to bring fame and fortune). Remember those designer jeans you bought just in case you'd lose ten pounds? Hang 'em up here with an enticing price tag. How about the exercise equipment you bought from those famous thin people on TV? Dust it off and move it to this corner for your garage sale. And don't forget that the element that corresponds to fame is fire–making this an ideal corner to feature candles, mirrors, and fireplace tools.

Useful to the End

All of these tips may make you tired at the thought of having a garage sale. You might think you're going to a lot of extra trouble to attractively position stuff you are looking to dump anyway. But keep in mind that your possessions can serve you even as they depart your company. In other words, let your things bring you good fortune in the form of positive money energy while they are leaving your home to offer new life to another's home.

Accept the fact that you were not even using many of these items in the first place. Remember that the goal is to give up the things that no longer bring you happiness or represent who you are now, at this moment. Take a deep breath; then let go of this old, stagnant energy!

Of course, not everything will sell at your Good Chi Garage Sale. Whatever doesn't sell you must remain committed to clearing, so remember to put those items in a small pile and call the Goodwill truck immediately after your sale is over. There should be nothing–seriously, nothing–left once you're finished with a feng shui clearing like this one.

When cleaning your house, don't forget dirt and dust traps such as windowsills, molding, chair rails, and light fixtures. Dust and dirt hold chi down.

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