Start with a Clean Space

Before you begin the process of changing your home's energy, be sure to begin with a space clearing. If weather permits, open windows to get the chi moving. Physically clean the space you will be working on. Dirt and dust symbolize stagnant chi–and that must always be cleared first!

Clearing and Enhancing with Intention

Light a candle (pure aromatherapy type), diffuse pure essential oils, burn incense, or use a smudge stick (a tightly wrapped bundle of herbs and wood) to clear a space. Just be sure that whatever you use is in its purest form. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market today that claim to be pure aromatherapy that are, in fact, full of artificial fillers and additives.

Play some music. A wonderful drumming or chanting CD would be great, but use what you love! It doesn't have to be meditation music to “speak” to you–and there's nothing like a little Tina Turner or Rolling Stones to get the chi moving!

Always begin with a close look at your intentions. What do you want to accomplish? What are your goals, and which are most important to you right now? What action are you preparing yourself to take?

Now you're ready for step two, which is intention. Remember your intention as you're placing the appropriate enhancement or cure in a particular sector. Keep this intention clearly in your mind. Open your heart to your highest good. Embrace the possibilities, and most important, trust your process.

The final step involves reinforcing all that you have done–giving more power to your enhancement or cure. This is the part where you meditate and offer blessings or thanks to the Universe through a process the Black Hat Sect of feng shui calls “The Three Secrets”:

  • Mudra (hand gesture) is often the position of prayer, with both palms together, fingers pointing up. Hold your hands to your heart.

  • Mantra (prayer) is the prayer or blessing you are most comfortable with. It could be as simple as “thy will be done,” or maybe a simple prayer you've written on your own. Whatever the case, recite it nine times. Nine is an auspicious number in feng shui.

  • Visualization of your specific intention. As you are reciting your mantra and holding your hands in the mudra position, hold your intention in your mind's eye the entire time, as though it has already been accom-plished. Use affirmative statements along with this visualization (i.e., “I have already created space for love in my life” or “I am surrounded by a loving family”).

Chances are, you'll feel uplifted and ready to take on the world when you're finished with these steps. But don't forget the last step of the whole process: Let go of the outcome–and trust the Universe to do its work!

The Eight Remedies or Cures

Adding remedies to a specific area where the chi seems to be blocked is the best way to open up the energy to its greatest good. In feng shui, there are eight basic remedies or cures:

  • Light–includes lighting, mirrors, candles, and reflective surfaces.

  • Sound–wind chimes, bells, metal mobiles, and hollow bamboo flutes. Anything that sounds harmonious (such as music or chanting) can also work well as a cure.

  • Color–Red and black in particular can be used to stimulate flow of chi.

  • Life–Living objects, such as pets or plants, can also get the chi moving in your home or surroundings.

  • Movement–Flags, ribbons, banners, fountains, wind chimes, weather vanes, or hanging crystals are cures associated with movement.

FIGURE 1-1: Get It Going Crystals are quick, easy cures for areas where the chi appears to be stuck. Round, multifaceted ones work best; avoid hanging crystals with sharp edges.
FIGURE 1-2: Slow It Down This lovely garden statue's primary purpose is to represent the missing relationship sector of the owner's backyard, but it also slows down chi so that sector gets enough energy. (It is particularly auspicious that there are two cherubs in the statue, since relationships depend on at least two people.)
  • Stillness–When chi moves too quickly, you need to slow it down with still objects such as statues or large rocks.

  • Mechanical/electrical–This can mean machinery, but be careful that your electrical items don't overstimulate the chi. Too much energy defeats the purpose of a cure.

  • Straight lines–Best here to use scrolls, swords, flutes, bamboo sticks, and fans.

Harness the subtle power of feng shui and its cures to move yourself in the right spiritual direction. Your feng shui mantra should be: Trust the Universe. Trust your intuition. Let go of the outcome. Give thanks for all that is.

Remember the universal law of prosperity: What you put out into the Universe is what you will get back. Want greater abundance in all things? Your own positive attitude is the real starting point.

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