Colorful Intentions

The significance of the bagua in the garden doesn't stop with the elements. It also includes the use of color in your peaceful retreat, and color, placed strategically and with best intentions, can have a healing, almost magical power.

Mindful Planning

How should you go about planting the seeds to sprout your best possible future? Look at the bagua and its nine areas of intention to determine which colors will be likely to harvest your best opportunities in life.

  • Career–Black. Although this used to present a bit of a challenge to the novice gardener, today there are more choices than ever in this color category. Choose from chocolate cosmos, black-faced pansies, black irises, black Johnny jump-ups, black daylilies, and even black roses.

  • Knowledge–Blue. Use blue flowers such as ageratum, morning glories, nigella, bluebells, bachelor buttons, petunias, forget-me-nots, and hydrangea.

  • Family–Green. Restful shades of green in foliage like hostas, ferns, and shamrocks or in herbs like parsley and dill will represent your family corner.

  • Wealth–Purple. Plant larkspur, geraniums, pansies, asters, purple cone-flowers, heliotrope, lavender, or violets to enhance your prosperity. You can also have African violets inside your house.

  • Fame–Red. Achieve good representation of fame and recognition by using the color red in your garden. Draw fame to yourself–or at least enhance your reputation–by using this color in the fame area of your garden in the form of dahlias, sweet William, cockscomb, petunias, zinnias, snap-dragons, impatiens, California poppy, roses, and red trumpet vine.

  • Relationships–Pink. Pink is a soft, caring, and tender color that takes the edge off challenging relationships and keeps the tenderness in long-term ones. In the relationship corner of your bagua, you can plant pink roses, snapdragons, zinnias, dianthus, impatiens, geraniums, azaleas, and anemones, to name but a few. A rose by any other color simply won't do in the “love” corner!

FIGURE 11-2: Like a Rock Manifest what you want most in easy, direct ways with garden stones marked with your intentions. This garden's owner wants more love to give and share.
  • Children and creativity–White. Healthy shades of white will benefit the children and creative ideas corner of your garden. Moonflowers are wonderful in this area, as are petunias, alyssum, impatiens, pansies, lobelia, cleome, foxglove, irises, veronicas, peonies, Shasta daisies, and chrysanthemums.

  • Helpful people and travel–Gray. Since it balances the yin-yang energy of black and white, harvest the helpers in your life by using the harmonic effects of gray. Or use it as a celebration of your own service to others. Plant lamb's ears, junipers, gray heucheras, silver-foliaged laven-der, artemisia, and woolly thyme. If your intentions are to have it as your travel corner, plant exotic flowers from other lands!

  • Health–Yellow, brown, and orange. Finally, enhance your own health or that of your family by planting the earthy shades in the center of your garden. Marigolds, zinnias, Mexican sunflowers, pansies, daylilies, cassia, butterfly weed, and chrysanthemum work nicely in the health section of your garden's bagua.

Because the plants you choose and where you place them, is depen-dent on many factors, not the least of which is your green thumb, the ultimate decisions on how you choose to apply the principles of feng shui in your garden are entirely up to you.

Nobody's Perfect

Nature, of course, is full of imperfection–so don't rush out and get one item of every element and every color to put in your garden. As with anything else in the Black Hat Sect of feng shui, you must ultimately go with what feels right to you. Which colors speak the most to you right now, at this point in your life? You may be attracted to a particular color, shape, or element because of a current life situation. You can always make changes later on, after one situation has passed and you are working through another!

Plants and flowers carry special significance and meaning. For instance, the chrysanthemum symbolizes endurance and long life, juniper represents tolerance, hydrangeas signify achievement, and pine trees depict longevity. Every tree and every flower tells a story about how you see yourself!

Your preferences can also reflect the current energy of your house. If your house feels comfortable, your garden will likely exude the same characteristic–after all, it's all about you and where you are at this stage of your life.

FIGURE 11-3: Gardens Feng shui is often the art of creating balance where there previously was none. The best way to do that, of course, is by balancing the elements. For example, soften a high, straight fence with a curved or flowing border. The birdbath represents water and wealth, and the birds bring motion, life, and sound.
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