Letting Go

It is bad enough that we spend our money on items that we don't use or wear. But rather than acknowledging our mistakes, we compound them by hanging on to these items, making space for them in our homes and psyches, and allowing them to weigh us down from above or pull us down from below. We need, instead, to be freeing ourselves from excess baggage so that we can make space in our lives for the new and the wonderful—for what we really need and truly will use. And we have to be firm in our resolve to clean and clear and actually dispose of or donate those items that haven't seen the light of day in ages and for a very good reason. As with relationships we have shed in the past, these things may look good in hindsight, but when you closely examine them without the rose-colored glasses, you see that, like those old relationships, the love of these things ended for very good reasons.

The junk in your attic and basement—and this does not refer to old family photos or other memorabilia of actual value to you financially or nostalgically, but the honest-to-goodness junk—needs to go, and the sooner the better. The best proof of this may be if you are reading this chapter, seeing yourself in it, and feeling guilty that you haven't done what you know you need to do. Think of this chapter as your affirmation—your emotional support in helping to give you the strength you will need, the courage of your convictions, in finally, for once and for all, tackling those piles of unused, unwanted things in your attic and basement and freeingyourself from them forever! This is your battle cry, your Declaration of Independence. Repeat the following, “I (your name) WILL dispose of the items in my basement and attic that I no longer use or have any intention of using ever again!” There. Feel better? Now, let's look at the problem in greater detail.

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