Dads often have a lot of hobbies, or at least they do before they become fathers. Playing golf, hunting and fishing, and working on cars, etc., are all common hobbies for dads. Other dads like to play chess, work in the garden, or collect baseball cards. These hobbies can all be a good way to spend your spare time, as they can be fun and relaxing and a good stress reliever.

Can new dads have hobbies? With all of the attention that a new baby is going to require in the first year, especially if you already have other children, it will probably be hard to justify spending a lot of time on a hobby. Are you going to try and squeeze in nine holes of golf or go to your baby's first visit to her pediatrician? Do you give your baby a bath or stay on the computer and play online poker all night?

Although most people think of young kids playing video games, the average gamer is in his mid to late twenties, about the same age most people become parents for the first time.

Since caring for a new baby requires so much time itself, it will likely be hard to justify spending much time on a hobby that is at all time consuming, especially if you are trying to be a helpful father. Most new dads should take a break from hobbies that require a lot of their time and attention, including those that pull them away from their family for prolonged periods of time. For example, playing online video games isn't a good hobby for a new dad if he ends up playing each night for three or four hours at a time.

Dads do often need a way to relieve some of the stresses of fatherhood, so totally getting rid of all of their hobbies isn't a good idea either. The key is to remember that a hobby is something you should be doing in your spare time and it should be relaxing and fun. So maybe you go fishing once a month, golfing once a week, or try a new hobby that is even less time consuming or that includes the rest of your family. Just don't add more stress to your life by spending too much time involved with your hobby.

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