How Tall Will Your Baby Be?

Once they understand that their baby is growing normally and is healthy, many dads start to wonder how big the child will be when she grows up. Will she be short? Will she be tall? Is there a star basketball player in your family's future? While it really isn't that important, trying to predict your baby's future height can be a fun thing to do.

Two Years Times Two Method

One of the most common methods to figure out how tall a child will be is to consider how tall she is once she turns two years old. You can predict your child's future height by simply doubling her height at age two years. So if your two-year-old is three feet tall already, she should be about six feet tall as an adult. A small two-year-old who is only 32 inches tall will likely be about 64 inches tall when she grows up, or five feet four inches tall.

Keep in mind that many other things can factor into your child's future height, including chronic medical problems, genetics, and nutrition. This general method can give you a fairly good idea of how tall she will be, though.

There are many tools on the Internet to help you automate the process of trying to predict your baby's height. Pediatrics includes both of the methods described in this section as well as links to other ways to help you figure out how tall your baby will be.

Mid-Parental Height and Genetics

The two years times two method is easy to use, but it doesn't help you much in your baby's first year. And there isn't a similar method for younger kids. Simply multiplying your baby's height at birth by a number won't work, because your baby's growth patterns are likely to change during her first year. So even if she is at the top of the growth charts at birth, she could easily move down to average later on.

Because genetics are a key factor in determining a child's future height, you can often predict how tall a baby will be by considering her parents' heights. Most people understand that tall parents have tall kids and short parents have short kids, but this method can give you a more specific height to expect.

Using the mid-parental height method, you first average your height with mom's height. If you are six feet tall and mom is five feet tall, the average of your heights would be five feet six inches. Next, you add two and one-half inches to this average if you have a boy, or subtract two and one-half inches if you have a girl.

Using this example, you would then expect a boy to be five feet eight and one-half inches and a girl to be five feet three and one-half inches tall. Of course, this is just an estimate and not some magical formula. Your child may be a little taller or shorter than that, although there is a 68 percent chance that a child would be within two inches of that prediction.

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