Your New Wife versus Your Daughter

Now, if you're the one who has remarried, you could find yourself in the midst of tense interventions, running back and forth between interested parties and trying to keep the peace in your own home when your new wife feels she's been snubbed. How are you supposed to handle this? (After all, you're one man — and though you are reluctant to admit it, you don't have superpowers.)

Why Can't They Just Get Along?

There's not a harder situation in the world to be in than the one that puts you in the middle of your new wife and your little princess. You love 'em both, so why can't they just learn to love each other? (Heck, you'd settle for them tolerating one another on the first Tuesday of every other month.)

The fact of the matter is, you and your ex-wife have your own issues that have either been worked out by this point or have been left to fester. Your daughter has been affected by your divorce in one way or another, whether she admits it or not, and depending on the circumstances involved, may have chosen a side by this point. If she chose your ex-wife's side, she's probably acting out against you by snubbing your new wife.


There are some women who simply don't like each other. It could be that your daughter and your wife are on opposing sides of every issue, regardless of its importance in the greater scheme of life.

Then there are always the kids who, even as adults, see no reason why their divorced parents shouldn't get back together, and view any new spouse as an intruder who's just mucking things up. So many issues! So little you can do about them!

Your Role Here

You can't force your daughter and your wife to like each other. What you do have a right to insist on, in this case, and especially if you're paying for the wedding, is that your daughter respect your wife, and vice versa. They don't have to become best friends, but they should be able to put their feelings aside — for now, anyway — because by carrying a load of hatred around, they're hurting themselves more than they're hurting each other.

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