Stocking Your Galley

RV travel requires some careful planning of supplies and provisions to ensure that you are able to prepare easy and nutritious meals that will appeal to all the members of your family. Even with the largest RVs, you will face storage and weight limitations that will determine how much you can carry in your rig. Unless you are planning a trip to a wilderness area with limited grocery shopping options, you should be prepared to restock along the way.

When you are stocking your RV kitchen, you also need to consider that it is not going to being staying in one place. No matter how smooth the drive is, you will still occasionally experience bumpy roads and sudden stops. Those occurrences can cause a big mess if you are not prepared.


Check your grocery or discount store for rolls of nonslip shelf lining. This thin, foam-like material can be cut to fit your cabinets and drawers. It will help keep things in place while you are traveling and will keep damage to belongings to a minimum in most situations.

Do not pack glass items if at all possible. Glass is much heavier than plastic and is breakable. Leave your good dishes at home; no one is going to expect meals served on china and crystal.

To avoid having to pack and unpack your RV at the beginning and end of every trip, purchase a set of dishes that stays in your RV. You can find very nice and serviceable sets of unbreakable plastic in most large department stores. Keep the number of dishes you carry to a minimum to save space and weight. Any dishes that can serve double duty are a much smarter purchase.

For holding various kitchen items neatly and efficiently, small plastic baskets are a good choice. Also handy are those wire dividers you can purchase at home stores like Home Depot or Lowe's. You can use them to divide cabinets into smaller units for greater efficiency.


Before you put anything into your RV kitchen, look at it with a critical eye to be sure it is really needed. If only one person drinks coffee, do you really need a 12-cup coffee maker taking up a lot of counter space? You can find very good single-serving coffee makers.

Some basic items are useful or necessary for just about everyone who travels in an RV. The following list will give you the most common basics.

  • Seasonings and spices (including salt and pepper)

  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners

  • Baking soda (useful for putting out small fires, for upset stomachs, and as a substitute for toothpaste)

  • Food staples such as rice, beans, and pasta

  • Powdered milk

  • Basic pots and pans (easy to clean)

  • Basic cutlery (stainless steel)

  • Basic cooking utensils

  • Kitchen linens

  • Paper towels

  • Trash bags

  • Dishwashing liquid

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