Cooking on the Road

There may be times when you are traveling that it will be hot enough to fry eggs on the pavement, but that is not the kind of road cooking we are talking about here.

When traveling from point A to point B, you will need to eat. If you are traveling in a motorhome, it will be very tempting for the passenger to fix a meal in the galley while the vehicle is in motion. Once it is done, you can make a quick stop to eat and then get back on the road. Or taking it to the extreme, the food can be prepared by the passenger and the driver can eat while driving. While this is possible in a motorhome, it is not advisable. Moving around in a moving RV can be very dangerous. If a sudden stop is necessary, unrestrained passengers can become missiles, harming themselves and possibly other passengers at the same time. If you must get up and be out of your seat belt, make sure it is for only a very short time.

If your travels include a long road trip to get to your destination, plan on stopping for all meals. If you plan ahead for light, easy-to-prepare meals, you will still have the time to put in many miles toward your destination. Be sure to pack sandwich fixings for quick meals on the road. Keep a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard along with some jelly in the refrigerator; add some bread and you have a quick, satisfying meal. If peanut butter is not your favorite, most cold meats pack easily and keep well in an RV refrigerator.


The adventurous traveler in you may want to check out the book Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine. The book contains recipes that use the heat your engine generates to cook dishes that are wrapped in foil and cradled on top of your engine manifold. Those who have tried it swear they get great-tasting hot meals at the end of a long drive.

During meal stops, you should take the opportunity to get outside your motorhome or tow vehicle and walk around to stretch your legs. If you have circulatory problems, it is especially important to change your position on a regular basis. This helps prevent any pooling of blood in the lower extremities that could lead to dangerous blood clots.

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