Books and Movies

Books and movies are great for keeping kids entertained while traveling. Most motorhomes have an entertainment system that includes a videotape player or a DVD player. Many vans, trucks, and large SUVs have a TV included with a player as well.

If possible, it is desirable to have headphones to keep the noise level tolerable. Headphones will also lessen road and wind noise for those using them. Make sure the television is not distracting to the driver to help avoid mishaps.

Best Movies for Kids

There are many fine movies for children. The Disney animated movies are always favorites. Most children will enjoy watching them over and over again. It is well worth the money to buy the video or DVD of particular favorites.


If your children enjoy reading, long road trips are the perfect place for a bookworm to get in some uninterrupted reading time. Encourage your child to put the book down at intervals to stretch and move around. Reading for long periods in a moving vehicle can lead to motion sickness or headaches, especially for readers who become very engrossed in the book and don't look up periodically.

If you do have a child who suffers from motion sickness, be sure to be attentive to indications that there may be a problem. Many children do not realize that they are sick until it is too late to stop.


If you have a portable game system, you may be able to hook it up to the television. Purchase an inverter, which allows you to power the game system using the automobile power system rather than batteries. You will quickly recoup the money you spend on the inverter.

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