Encouraging Experimentation

One of the greatest things about food is the immense variety of it. Kids that are offered a wide variety of foods during weaning are less likely to be persnickety older children. By age five they are old enough to try new cuisines, both out on the town, and in the comfort of home.

One way to interest kids in new foods is to interest them in the place it came from. Go to a map and pick a country. Or pick something they’re interested in and look for related foods.

If your kid likes ancient Egypt, find out what Egyptian cuisine is all about. If your kid likes music, learn about the food eaten in the music capitals of Nashville (BBQ), New Orleans (Cajun/Creole), or Mozart’s Austria (schnitzle and Sacher torte).

If it’s sports they love, learn about the native culture of favorite players, or the famous food of the team’s hometown. Every subject can somehow be related to food in a fun and interesting way.

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