Fiber Supplements

Fiber supplements are often prescribed for constipation and other bowel disorders. But these prescriptions are generally meant to be used for a limited time, until the conditions are alleviated. Lack of exercise, insufficient fluid intake, and a general lack of fiber intake all contribute to these malfunctions, as do some medications and surgical procedures.

It’s easy to get too much fiber with supplements. This is problematic, as fiber binds to some minerals, including calcium and iron, preventing absorption. The conclusion is that fiber is best taken naturally. It’s not that hard to get the fiber that you need.

Look for bread that has at least two grams of fiber per slice. Have high-fiber snacks like popcorn and fresh veggies. Add berries and dried fruit to high-fiber cereal for breakfast. By getting your fiber this way, you also get all the other nutrients associated with those foods, which you need every day anyway.

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