Tips for Visiting Disneyland

Chapter 2 will give you some tips for theme park attire. These ideas will also help you have the happiest visit possible.

  • Plan your day in advance. If you are going to use RideMax to shorten your waiting time, this is essential. Otherwise, choose which attractions you absolutely must experience.

  • As soon as you arrive, pick up a copy of the Entertainment Times Guide and the Souvenir Map. These helpful booklets, which are given out at the main entrance and at City Hall, contain the times for all parades and shows, describe the times and places to meet the Disney characters, and offer a detailed map of the park with all of the major attractions, restaurants, and amenities (restrooms, public phones, ATMs, etc.) marked.

  • Once you get inside the park, choose a place for your group to meet in case you get separated. The Snow White Grotto next to Sleeping Beauty Castle is a good spot. It's quiet and not normally crowded, so you won't have trouble finding each other. Walk there together so everyone knows where it is.

  • You'll find the Wait Time board at the end of Main Street near the Frontierland entrance. Consult it to help you figure out the best time of the day for each ride or attraction.

  • If your camera batteries need charging during the day, you can take them to the Main Street Photo Supply Co. They have a few generic chargers on hand, but it's best to bring your own along to avoid any trouble.

  • The Southern California sun can get hot in the middle of summer, and you won't find a lot of shade at Disneyland. If you need a spot to cool off and rest, visit the Enchanted Tiki Room or the Opera House, or take a ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean or “it's a small world.” In Tomorrowland, you'll find cooling misters just below the rocket at Redd Rocket's Pizza Port.

  • Throughout the day, drink plenty of liquids. You can purchase soda, juice, or bottled water throughout Disneyland, or you can take advantage of the free water fountains. Avoid dehydration by drinking liquids even if you're not thirsty.

  • Disneyland usually overstates wait times by about ten minutes. If an attraction posts a twenty-minute wait, chances are you'll only wait about ten minutes.

  • You can see the fireworks anywhere in the park that you can see the castle. One of the best spots to watch is just behind the rope in front of the castle drawbridge, where you'll feel as though the show is just for you, but you'll have to get there early to stake out your spot. A less-crowded place to watch is along the corridor between the castle and Toontown.

Any time you need help in Disneyland or aren't sure what to do, consult a cast member. They're trained to help with all kinds of problems and know how to answer your questions.

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