Packing Checklist for Disneyland

If you are traveling by air, the items allowed past the security checkpoint or in a carry-on taken on to an airplane change frequently. To find out the current regulations, check with the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

Packing for a theme park is a balance. Take everything that's essential but nothing that isn't. Remember, you'll have to lug every ounce of your gear around all day. Clean out your wallet or purse. Take out your library card, neighborhood video rental card, and all the other things you only need when you're at home. It will lighten your load, and you won't have to replace these items in case your bag is stolen.

Check these items off as you put them into your bags:

Paperwork, Tickets, and Confirmations

Having a single place to put all these items will make it easier to find them.

  • Flight confirmation or tickets
  • Hotel confirmation e-mail
  • Car-rental or shuttle confirmation
  • Disneyland tickets if you bought them online
  • Other confirmations, tickets, or reservations
  • List of credit card numbers and phone numbers to call in case of trouble. Don't pack this list in the same place as your credit cards.
  • Identification for each person traveling (required if you're traveling by airplane)
  • Driver's license for anyone driving a rental car
  • Maps or driving directions
  • RideMax itineraries
  • Daily itinerary

Toiletries and Comfort Items

  • Prescription medicines (pack in carry-on luggage if flying)
  • Copies of prescriptions
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Motion sickness remedies (if needed)
  • Earplugs


Check the weather forecast. Is your clothing appropriate? Besides the normal things — clothing, underwear, and the like — do you have or need any of these items?

  • Sunglasses
  • Glasses case or strap
  • Hats or sun visors
  • Rain jackets (if rain is forecasted)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Fanny pack or other bag

Ask yourself if your theme park clothing has pockets and if it dries easily (remember there are some attractions that will almost certainly get you wet).

Other Items

  • Time-killers for standing in line
  • Camera
  • Film or digital media
  • Batteries or charger
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