When Should You Visit?

Florida is called the Sunshine State — and why not, for the sun shines brightly nearly every day in some locations. While Florida can also get both colder and hotter from time to time than you might expect, it justifiably claims year-round weather nearly as perfect as can be found anywhere in the continental United States. Generally, the “shoulder seasons,” spring and fall, offer the most pleasant days and nights in all but the southernmost regions of Florida, where you'll find winter the favored time to visit. Throughout the state, summers tend to be wet, hot, and humid. Winters are drier, mild and sunny with moderate readings, though in the northern regions there can be periods when temperatures drop into the 20s and even occasional snow. From Central Florida southward, freezing can occur occasionally in all but the most southerly regions.

Hurricanes, though they can be devastating, shouldn't keep you from visiting in the fall. Usually developing in September, they have also occurred much later. In recent years, Mother Nature has stretched out hurricane season, beginning earlier and ending later with many more violent storms. Unlike many other weather phenomena, they come with plenty of warning, allowing visitors either to batten down or depart for inland locations.

All in all, you'll discover that temperate seasons, refreshing cold springs, breezy beaches, and lots of air conditioning all contribute to making Coastal Florida a good year-round destination.

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