Ways Contact Is Made

It has been stated that over 20 percent of the U.S. population has encountered an after-death communication. There seems to be numerous methods for an ADC contact, and they are thought out and well calculated. A majority of people have the ability to recognize signs coming from the other side, but most of the time just brush them off or think of them as wishful thinking. It is not their intention to try to make the connection more difficult than it is, but it is up to the receiver to be able to pick up the sometimes subtle hints that communication is taking place.

Research and Contact

A type of research process is taken on after the death of an individual to find the best way a sign of contact can be made back to the physical plane. Traits, interests, music, and anything that would associate the deceased with the living is processed and of possible use.

However, there are many reasons why no contact will be made at all, as some individuals do not want to interact with the other plane. Sometimes people are not able to accept the possibility of contact, while others may not be emotionally prepared after a passing.

Smells and Sounds

Studies have shown that distinct memories can be associated with a smell or a sound. Childhood memories are filled with the smells of your favorite foods on holidays and special occasions. Perhaps it's the smell of the leather of a baseball glove or the distinct odor of a favorite relative's perfume. Many remember a favorite song or concert that they attended. These are two of the strongest methods that are used to get the attention of a person on the physical plane. Your connection to these methods has been developed over your entire life, and is easily accessed to get a message through.


Many times people have a close relationship with the natural surroundings of the physical plane. Within these boundaries are methods of contact that can be arranged to show a sign. They can intercede in the action of the animal world, as well as with plants and the weather. If someone would recognize a sign more easily through the action of an animal or perhaps a significant flower or breeze, then this would be implemented in the choice of contact.

When you ask for a sign from the other side, it is important to then be willing to accept any communication that comes through. Do not be so quick to dismiss coincidences, as these might be the actual signs that you have requested.

Often the sounds of nature are used for some people, as this brings back many fond memories of past love ones, and can be relaxing at the same time. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees, raindrops hitting the ground, or the ocean crashing on a beach are very good natural sounds that can be used to gain your attention about a passed love one.

The Best Time

The best time of contact is when your mind is at ease and your body relaxed. Seeing that the largest obstacle with the method of communication is interference from outside sources, a time is picked when there is the least amount of outside stimulus grabbing your attention. This stimulus can be the overall activity surrounding you, or even things that are on your mind and have kept you occupied throughout the day.

The timing of the communication depends on the individual and the current state the individual is in, how open he is to receiving a message, and how open he is to the possibility of contact from a deceased loved one. These are important issues that have to be addressed before an attempt can be made.

Also, it is found that when you are approaching waking up from a sound sleep or perhaps a daytime nap, this is also a good time for a connection, as many of your burdens and worries and random thoughts are pushed to the side, making it easier for a sign, a contact, to come through.

The process is not limited to these methods, and spirits have vast interacting abilities within the physical plane. All that is needed is an open mind to the possibility and understanding if no sign is to come.

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