Unexplained Evidence

Miracles are events that are beyond explanation of the “natural” state of affairs or science of today. They are events that stir the soul and are often thought to be works of God. There is also another school of thought that connects miracles to metaphysics, and states that miracles are projections of our own soul in an attempt to connect with the mass or self-consciousness. It is probably the reason why many miracles are cited by the observers in times of fear, death, or some other kind of unusual circumstances.

All miracles are associated with unexplained evidence, which the researchers and investigators of modern times are unable to explain scientifically. Science can neither prove nor disprove miracles — if it can, then the event can no longer be called a miracle. People all around the world observe miracles, and their experience results in a strengthening of their belief in the existence of powers beyond the understanding of the human mind and current science.

Is it possible for science to explain every miraculous event?

There are many instances of paranormal miraculous events that have been explained by science. However, there still remains the fact that science might not have the current means to explain all of these occurrences. Until they are completely explained without a doubt, they will remain miracles.

Miracles (depending on the evidence) can be broadly classified into four categories:

  1. Miraculous relics: These are usually relics of religious significance that display unexplained phenomena, like blood tears on a statue of the Virgin Mary and the shroud of Turin.

  2. Miraculous images: These are unexplained images (usually of divine nature), which are spotted at unexpected places, like a religious symbol appearing on some usual object.

  3. Divine experiences: These are experiences that humans go through but are unexplainable by natural laws. This includes experiences such as prophesying, imperviousness to poisons, and speaking in tongues.

  4. Faith healing: The evidence in these miracles is unexplained healing of individuals from incurable conditions or diseases, or healing of the body miraculously, without any intervention of medical science.

Well-Known Cases of Unexplained Evidence and Miracles

Here's a short list of the miracles, which after years of investigation and study, have remained unexplainable.

  • Weeping and Bleeding Statues of Religious Icons

    A number of cases of statues weeping (in many cases blood tears) are heard of from around the world. Famous instances of this include the case of the Weeping Madonna of Toronto, the Jesus painting in the Bethlehem Church of the Nativity, and the statue of Christ weeping olive oil in the Antiochian Orthodox Church, Sydney. Though these incidents are often claimed to be fraudulent, several investigations and tests have only yielded inconclusive evidence.

  • Crystal Tears of a Lebanese Girl

    A Lebanese girl, Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, produces crystal tears from her eyes. These crystals are as sharp as cut glass, but Hasnah says that she feels no pain when they are produced. These tears are produced as many as seven times a day and have been examined by medical experts, who are unable to find the reason of their occurrence.

  • Stigmata

    Another Christian miracle, which has been reported by people from across the world, is stigmata. Afflicted people receive crucifixion and lashing wounds on their hands, feet, head, and other parts of the body, similar to the way Jesus would have suffered the wounds. These wounds are sometimes visible accompanied with blood, while in other cases these are invisible. They are almost always accompanied with pain and can last for long periods of time.

    Francesco Forgione, later known as Padre Pio, was an Italian Roman Catholic priest who became famous for his stigmata. He also manifested various spiritual gifts including the gifts of healing, bilocation, prophecy, miracles, the ability to read hearts, and extraordinary abstinence from both sleep and nourishment. He was granted sainthood after so many miracles were attributed to him.

  • Ghost Doctor Cures Children in Venezuela Hospital

    In May 2008, a strange case of 25 children miraculously being healed of life-threatening conditions such as cancer and heart defects in Sacred Heart Hospital in Caracas, Venezuela, came to light. A ghostly spirit of a doctor was claimed to be behind these healings. Many staffers and doctors of the hospital have claimed to have seen the spirit who has brought happiness back into the lives of many ailing children.

These and many more unexplained evidences of miracles have been reported from around the world with scientists and investigators struggling to come up with “reasonable” answers to these happenings. Whether these are divine intervention from God or something supernatural and beyond understanding, they clearly highlight how little is known of the world and its wonders.

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