Opening Yourself to Communication

The question of whether life continues in some form after death is still being debated without any widely accepted answer as of yet. Messages from the dead, communication through symbols, visitations by the dead in dreams, and many other occurrences point to some channel of communication existing between our world and that of the spirits. If you desire to make connections to the afterlife, the key is to remain open to all possibilities of communication.

Why Would You Want to Communicate?

The purpose of afterlife communication may differ from person to person. Those left behind often try to reach out to the dead to assuage their grief or any guilt associated with the person's death. Being able to talk to or sense the dead person can bring you a feeling of closure and may ease the pain of the loss. Many turn to their dead relatives for guidance or advice during difficult times. A Ouija board or similar communication tool may be used, or a medium may act as a link to the deceased.

In many other instances, it is the spirit that initiates communication. The spirit may wish to complete unfinished business or help family members during troubled times. A well-publicized occurrence was the appearance of farmer James Chaffin's spirit to disclose the whereabouts of his will to his son. Other spirits simply want their family to know that they are happy. Symbolic or subliminal messages that can readily be associated with the deceased are often experienced in such cases. The deceased may also visit the living in her dreams.

Keep an Open Mind

Everybody loses a loved one at some point of time in her life. But it is only a few who experience a sense of the deceased's continuing presence after the person's death. Mediums are able to sense these “people” owing to their heightened perceptions or extraordinary talents. But many others, who are normal people with no special abilities, have had similar experiences too. Researchers believe that to establish communication with the spirits, you must be prepared to believe when confronted with signs or symbols.

Establishing a Connection Without a Medium

Before you contact a medium, you can try to establish a connection with the spirit yourself. This serves three purposes. One, you can commit to your belief that you can communicate and this helps you keep an open mind about the process. Two, you are just as likely to sense your loved one's presence as the medium, who is a stranger. Three, you can “broadcast” your intent and hope to reach the deceased's spirit; this draws the spirit to communicating with you.

Actively Preparing for Spirit Communication

It is believed that spirits are in a higher state of vibration than the living because they are not burdened by flesh or mired in the denser realm of our world. EVPs, electromagnetic instruments, and other tools have been used to determine the variations in vibrational frequencies between the dead and living. This difference makes it difficult for the living (at lower vibrational frequencies) to communicate easily with them. This is why mediums who can duplicate the vibration are able to reach a loved one's spirit at times when a loved one cannot.

There are many ways to become more receptive to sensing the presence of the dead.

  • State of mind: Anger, grief, guilt, fear, and other strong emotions are barriers to communication. They close your mind to the subtle signs and subliminal messages that may be conveyed by the spirits. Relax your mind and calm yourself before you try to “reach” your deceased loved ones.

  • Atmosphere: The atmosphere of the area where you are initiating the communication must be calm and silent. Surround yourself with items associated with the deceased like photographs, personal items, and other things that evoke positive memories of the person. These positive energies call to the spirit and also help keep negative energies at bay.

  • Consciously reach out to the person: Make a conscious effort in your mind to reach out to the spirit. This, again, “broadcasts” your intent and need to communicate, and this need will draw the spirit to you.

  • Dream state: Just before you go to sleep, ask your loved one to contact you. They find it the easiest to make contact through the dream state and will often meet you there to communicate. Keep a pad of paper and a pen or an audio recorder next to your bed so when you wake you can record any instances of contact that might have occurred.

  • It is important that when you ask for this communication that you ask for it with the “highest and best intentions” and for it to be “surrounded with the white light of love.” This will set the conditions of any contact and will filter out any unwanted residual energy in your field.

    Be aware that it may take time; often, several attempts may be required to establish the link. The afterlife is still mostly shrouded in mystery. How the communication happens and what restrictions there are on the spirits are unknown, and every spirit may not be able to communicate in the same manner and at a time of its choosing. Sometimes you may get indirect answers or messages that are not relevant to your questions at all. Still, any such contact demonstrates the possibility of opening a channel of communication, and is a successful attempt.

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