The Key to Being Thorough

Your office should be neat and tidy. At the very least, it should have some sense of organization, especially if this is the place where you will meet a client for the first time. Training yourself to be thorough requires some discipline.

Give yourself a half hour at the end or beginning of each day to devote to administrative work. Dedicate this time to photocopying, filing, and faxing. Ideally this time would be a half hour before or after your scheduled office hours. Then, once your office hours begin, you are able to focus on phone calls, e-mails, and meetings with clients.

Make this time to organize yourself a priority. Schedule this half hour as you would an appointment you are not allowed to break. Slowing down your hectic schedule to make time for administrative work will make a world of difference in your organizational skills.

Keeping yourself organized throughout the planning process will guarantee you less stress the day of the event. Digging yourself out from a pile of paperwork is not where you want to find yourself the day of the event. Ideally your invoice and all necessary documents are waiting in your briefcase three days before the event, ready for you to hand to the client at the end of the evening.

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