Organizing Folders

When planning an event, keep three folders in rotation. The first folder is the master folder to be kept in your office at all times. In this folder you should keep any original notes you have taken, a copy of your rewritten notes, a copy of your client's deposit check, vendor information, and an updated event sheet. The master folder should also hold any contracts relevant to the event.

The second folder is your traveling folder. This is the information you will need to access every day. In this folder you should keep a copy of your rewritten notes, an updated event sheet, vendor information, and a task list for the event. One organizational technique is writing your task list, with due dates, on the front of your traveling folder. This way your tasks will be the first thing you see when picking up this folder. Date each task once it is completed. Other necessary items for your traveling folder are the client contract and vendor contracts.

The third folder is your client folder. Your client may need to have access to any documentation in this folder. Copies of receipts, copies of contracts, and vendor information should be in this folder. Remember, if your company is arranging for your client's flowers, you are allowed to add a surcharge for this service (determined by your company). The receipt for the flowers would not be in the client folder in this case. The client may arrange for the flowers and purchase them herself, in which case the receipt would belong in the client's folder. In another example, the client may arrange for the flowers to be billed through your company. Payment for the flowers would then need to be reimbursed by your client. In this case, you would submit the receipt to your accounting office and to your client, and the receipt would be placed in your client folder.


A purchase order (PO) is a legal document used by companies to secure products intended for delivery. The PO lists quantities, buyer information, and delivery information. In event planning, purchase orders are used by some vendors. Once the purchase order is signed by the event planner, it is legally binding.

Which materials are considered necessary? This really depends on which type of event planning you find yourself working.

If you are holding the original document, photocopy the item. The copy is for your client folder, and the original is for your office master folder. Photocopy all receipts and purchase orders from other vendors. This will aid in coordinating deliveries.

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