Bonus Programs

A bonus is a monetary amount that a prospective employer may offer you in addition to a salary. A bonus is usually performance-based, which in the case of an event planner is based upon sales and business generated. Not all bonuses are monetary. Your employer may also offer incentives that increase the value of your salary, such as:

  • Health club membership

  • Clothing or retail discounts

  • Employee meals

  • Trade

  • Signing account for meals

  • Hotel discounts

  • Travel voucher

  • Passes to cultural events

  • Tickets to music shows and concerts

  • Tickets to sporting events

As an example of a monetary bonus, an employer may offer you a base salary of $40,000 plus a 2-percent commission on the business you generate. Some facilities also charge a 5 to 10 percent management fee, and a certain percentage of this may be passed onto the event planner. Other facilities levy a room charge, of which a percentage may be used for a bonus program. Additional incentives can also be factored into a salaried position.

When negotiating bonuses, be wary. Do not let the bonus undermine your base salary. A bonus should be in addition to a competitive salary, not in lieu of one. And always receive information on bonus programs in writing.


If you are operating within a tight budget, don't let that stop you from establishing a Web site. By strategically linking your Web site to various event sites, you may get more business than you imagined.

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