Ways to Keep Support Staff Honest

Every industry that has products needs to be wary of employee theft. Whether it is a restaurant, a retail establishment, or a hotel, loss prevention is a concern. Fortunately, certain measures can be taken to reduce this concern. Creating an ethical culture in your workplace is one way to instill ethical behavior in your staff. As a manager or an employer, the best preventive measure you can take is being a respectable supervisor. Challenge yourself to being the best manager your staff has worked for. In turn, your staff will rise to every occasion.

Staff Pride and Involvement

Unfortunately, event staff members are not highly regarded in the event industry. Often called “cater waiters,” some event planners are uneasy about hiring for these positions due to their part-time and on-call status. Some companies have high staff turnover, which also contributes to theft and low job performance.


Turnover is the rate at which employees are replaced in a company. A company experiencing low turnover has a stable employee base and rarely has positions available. A company experiencing high turnover is likely to have an unstable employee base. A company with high turnover is always looking to replace employees.

Again, creating a culture of pride in your company may lessen employee turnover. Treat your staff well at events. One way to treat your staff well is to serve staff meals. Forge a sense of community within your staff and organize staff events. Taking your staff out to dinner or on a field trip will increase camaraderie. Organize a volunteering event to improve social awareness and philanthropy among your staff.

Giving Gifts to Your Staff

On occasion award members of your staff with small gifts. Many times after an event extra favor bags will be left behind. Ask the host if you can secure a few favor bags for your staff. Sending your staff member home with a bottle of wine is always a nice token of appreciation. Just be sure you charge the wine to your company and not your client. Be certain any gifts from you are stated to the client to avoid impropriety.

Disciplinary Action

With all of your efforts there still may come a time when a staff member may not use good judgment. An employee coming into work late, repeatedly calling in sick, or not showing up for work may sound some alarms with you. These lapses in judgment may call for disciplinary action. Schedule a meeting with your employee and ask if there are any circumstances causing his unreliability. Address any issues the employee may be having in his personal life and offer solutions.


Some offenses are cause for immediate termination. Drug use, alcohol abuse, theft, and violence in the workplace are automatic causes for termination. Develop a zero-tolerance policy against these transgressions. Ask the advice of your security team or local police department if the situation escalates beyond your control.

Hopefully after your meeting the employee will feel well regarded and change his negative work behavior. If not, consider suspending the employee for a shift or two. Document each wrongdoing, and after three offenses you usually will have enough cause to terminate the employee.

The worst course of action to take against an employee is no action at all. Turning a blind eye to an employee's faults will only cause a disapproving reaction among the rest of your staff. You may be inadvertently sending a message to your staff that it is acceptable to break the rules.

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