Top 10 U.S. Cities for Event Planning

  1. New York City: For city-goers, there is no place like the Big Apple to host and elaborate events.

  2. Los Angeles: With its many celebrities and actors, the City of Angels will be sure to keep you busy as an event planner.

  3. Miami: This sunny, wealthy, beach community attracts many clients.

  4. San Francisco: This hilly community known for its hippies and gorgeous views has been compared most often to a European city.

  5. Boston: With its charm and history, this city has many opportunities for event planners.

  6. New Orleans: Mardi Gras is a draw to thousands of tourists every year, making this city a spectacular event location.

  7. Las Vegas: This city is rumored to have more wedding chapels than any other. For this reason alone, Las Vegas makes the Top Ten list.

  8. Philadelphia: Much like Boston, Philadelphia is a destination that attracts clientele interested in history and culture.

  9. Washington, D.C.: Politicians and socialites — along with event planners who enjoy working with high-profile clients — spend a lot of time in this city.

  10. San Diego: Coastal views and wealthy inhabitants make San Diego an obvious target on the event-planning map.

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