If you want to stay on good graces with your husband or wife, you would be wise never to forget your wedding anniversary. If you tend to forget these kinds of important dates, use the calendar trick mentioned earlier to make a note of the dates. This will help spark your memory and help you avoid spending your wedding anniversary sleeping on the couch.

Anniversary Themes

When it comes to anniversaries, it's a good idea to give a gift that somehow relates to the anniversary you're celebrating. Here are the common themes for wedding anniversaries, some of which you'll notice repeat. That's because the following is a combination of traditional and modern anniversary themes:

  • 1st anniversary: paper or clocks

  • 2nd anniversary: cotton or china

  • 3rd anniversary: leather, crystal, or glass

  • 4th anniversary: fabric, fruit, flowers, or electrical appliances

  • 5th anniversary: wood or silverware

  • 6th anniversary: candy, iron, or wood

  • 7th anniversary: wood, copper, or home office equipment/desk sets

  • 8th anniversary: electrical appliances, linen, lace, bronze, or pottery

  • 9th anniversary: pottery, willow, or leather

  • 10th anniversary: tin, aluminum, or diamonds

  • 11th anniversary: steel or jewelry

  • 12th anniversary: table linens, silk, or pearls

  • 13th anniversary: lace or furs

  • 14th anniversary: ivory or gold jewelry

  • 15th anniversary: crystal, glassware, or watches

  • 20th anniversary: china or platinum

  • 25th anniversary: silver

  • 30th anniversary: pearls or diamond jewelry

  • 35th anniversary: coral or jade

  • 40th anniversary: ruby or garnet

  • 45th anniversary: sapphire

  • 50th anniversary: gold

  • 55th anniversary: emerald

  • 60th anniversary: diamond

  • 75th anniversary: diamond

You can use these anniversary themes to help you find a gift when you're stumped about what to buy. Think of them as a guide that gets you out of the doghouse, because you'll always have some idea of what to buy your significant other for her anniversary.

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