Birth Horror Stories

It's natural for a woman experiencing her first pregnancy to be scared about the process of giving birth. Even women having second and third pregnancies may feel some trepidation as the big day draws near. If you've already had your children and you find yourself on the receiving end of your pregnant friend's questions about birth, try to be as helpful as you can in giving her answers. But whatever you do, don't share birth horror stories with an expectant mom. That's not to say that you should sugar coat the birth experience, but think about sharing constructive advice and tips with your friend so she can go into her birth experience better prepared. Avoid telling her how you thought you were going to die during labor, even if that's how you felt. She doesn't need to hear that.

If you're the pregnant woman and a group of people starts in with their birth battle stories, it's OK to tell them that you find their stories inappropriate. You may want to avoid those friends who love to share their battle (and C-section) scars before you give birth. That may be difficult, especially if they're close friends, but hearing birth horror stories will only heighten your anxiety.

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