Ones with a Nine Wing

When Ones with strong moral codes have a Nine wing that brings a certain discomfort with actual reality, they often become a bit too cool, calm, and collected and are emotionally disconnected. Self-actualized Ones with a Nine wing know and value the benefits of remaining emotionally detached in terms of being principled, rational, logical, and fair, particularly in the pursuit of ideals. Most ego-driven Ones with a Nine wing tend to simply detach or become apathetic.

Examples of Ones with a Nine wing who became gifted speakers and well-respected — perhaps surprisingly passionate — champions of social, political, or environmental causes because they primarily retain a cool, detached, rational air include Al Gore, Carl Sagan, Ralph Nader, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Margaret Thatcher.

In fact, many ego-driven Ones with a Nine wing can be brilliant thinkers, but they tend to compartmentalize their brains and suppress their hearts, creating disparate behaviors that swing from utmost discipline to laziness, diehard passion (about ideals) to indifference. Their anger, however, reverts to a Nine's more typical passivity, as in primarily covert, and is more often expressed through sharp retorts or bitingly sarcastic comments.

When a heavy Nine wing brings negativity, Ones hide behind emotionally stark black-and-white thinking, no longer pretend to care about other people, and often cope by projecting their dark emotions onto others and then railing against them. They are especially prone to ignore personal and relationship components of the world.

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