Fives with a Six Wing

Although Fives remain their detached, intellectual loner selves, a heavy Six wing could make them feel more dependent on other people and perhaps create a burgeoning urge, or at least an occasional desire, to mix with people. It may bring improved people skills, or at least a slight opening up, even if it's only to ask Sixes' typical probing questions.

However, Sixes' tendency to flip from phobic to counterphobic behavior may make Fives more fearful, although they are still more likely to move forward, albeit with skepticism and caution. However, once they form alliances or friendships, Six wings help reticent Fives form trustworthy relationships, and once they've bonded, they are more loyal.

Robin Williams's portrayal of Oliver Sacks in Awakenings showed a typical Five with a Six wing behavior. He was a quirky, idiosyncratic doctor who was socially awkward. His Six wing led him to have a questioning mind, and a little counterphobic Six behavior occurred when he went against his profession's conventional wisdom and tried a radical treatment on patients everyone else had written off.

Fives with Six wings may have even stronger analytical skills and be attracted to scientific or mathematical professions, but a negative Six wing can bring fear to the table and cloud the Five's normal ability to think clearly.

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