Movie and Literary Enneatypes

According to the technical editor of this book, Clarence Thomson, “Thomas Condon is a featured speaker at every IEA conference and is consistently asked by local IEA chapters to teach them.” His book provides clear and concise information on Enneatype basics, and then illustrates each with fabulous examples from real life and the movies that he jokingly refers to as his “multi-million-dollar audio-visual aids.” Not only is it a fun read for anyone, it contains a lot of extremely insightful information. Thus, the following is highly recommended:

Condon, Thomas. The Enneagram Movie and Video Guide: How to See Personality Styles in the Movies (Portland, OR: Metamorphous Press, 1999). — this is only place to find an accurate and impressive list of famous people's enneatypes. It provides an enormous amount of helpful information.

Also according to Thomson, Judith Searle's The Literary Enneagram “has made her nationally popular, and her book is superb.” This book is absolutely invaluable in understanding the nine enneatypes, and the use of literary characters to illustrate the behaviors and characteristics of each enneatype is great. Even if you're more interested in enneatypes than literary examples, this book will definitely bring immense clarity and help all the information you are assimilating fall into place. So the following is highly recommended:

Searle, Judith. The Literary Enneagram: Characters from the Inside Out (Portland, OR: Metamorphous Press, 2001).

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