Treadmill Walk

While there is nothing quite as peaceful and yet energizing as a walk outside, a treadmill walk has a lot to offer someone who wants to improve her fitness level. For one thing, you can consciously and consistently control your workout speed. You can also control the intensity by increasing the ramp, or angle, or incline, at which you are walking.

So, for example, if you are trying to walk faster for a longer period of time, when you do that on a treadmill you can keep track of how far you are walking in a certain time period. It's harder to do that on a street.

Follow these steps for a great treadmill program:

  • Warm up by walking at an easy pace.

  • Walk at incline level 4 or 5 for 5 consecutive minutes. Your breathing should be strong and deep.

  • Reduce the incline and walk easily for recovery (catching your breath) for 2 minutes.

  • Walk at a 1 percent incline, starting at a moderate pace but increasing speed and the incline level every minute for 5 minutes. You should be at a quick pace and 5 percent incline, and breathing strenuously, by the end of your 5 minutes.

  • Do 2 minutes of recovery walking by either slowing down, lowering the incline, or both.

  • Repeat step 3, step 4, and step 3 again.

  • Cool down by returning to a slower walk and lowering the incline gradually.

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