Sleeping Your Way Toward Weight Loss

If you're trying to lose weight, sleep helps your body regulate itself so that your hormones and metabolism function properly. If you don't sleep enough, you might crave food and eat for energy (to stay awake). But more than that, your body won't help you lose weight if you're tired. Your metabolism will slow down, your hormones will go kerflooey, and weight loss? It won't be as likely to happen, or it won't happen as quickly as it could.

Of course, millions of us don't sleep enough or, if we do sleep enough hours, we don't get enough quality sleep. We toss and turn, or wake up too often during the night.

It's not okay to just pop a sleeping pill, because that isn't actually fixing the problem; it's ignoring a symptom. In other words, if you're not sleeping well, then something else is going on, and when you fix that, you'll sleep better.

You might sacrifice sleep to get more done during the day, believing that you are so busy you can't afford to take eight or nine hours out of your schedule, but a restful night has been shown to make you more productive and energetic during the day. In other words, sleep is actually beneficial to a busy person.

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