Walking Trips

Maybe you are someone who walks two miles every day. Here's a walking schedule to get ready for a walking vacation of four to five consecutive days of moderately paced, comfortable walking while sightseeing and enjoying the new surroundings. On average you'll walk 7 miles per day:

  • Week 1: Choose one interval, one endurance, one strength, and one freebie workout.

  • Weeks 2 and 3: Choose two interval, two endurance, one strength, and one freebie workout, but take one day off.

  • Week 4: Choose two interval, three endurance, and one strength workout, but take one day off.

  • Week 5: Choose one interval, four endurance, and two freebie workouts.

  • Week 6: Choose two endurance, one strength, two freebie workouts, but take two days off.

For this vacation, beginners especially, begin your training no less than six weeks prior.

If you're considering a walking vacation, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. First, how much walking do you do now, and second, how much do you want to do, and at what intensity, on a vacation? If you want to go on a walking vacation, find and wear comfortable, supportive walking shoes that you can train in, as well as vacation in. There is no bigger mistake that you can make than bringing new shoes on a walking vacation. You might even want to have two pairs: one with a rugged tread for trails, and one for walking on pavement.

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