What Does a Cleanse Do for the Body?

The human body has an amazing natural cleansing system for getting rid of toxins. The body's natural cleansing machinery is made up of several systems that work together: the liver, the kidneys, the colon, the lungs, and the skin. In some way all of these organs are involved in the processing of nutrients and the elimination of wastes and toxins. The better you treat them with good nutrients, the better they will be able to do their jobs of cleansing the body.

In this laboratory, like in all labs, keeping the balance of substances prevents any bad eruptions or explosions. The body's “cleansing lab” uses the liver, lungs, skin, colon, kidneys, and all the other parts of your body to flush away the toxins. What is really fascinating is that recent research on genes has revealed a lot of detailed information on the cleaning and protecting abilities of the body.

Toxins and You

How does this magical stuff work in the body's chemistry laboratory? Recent research on genes has proved that the foods you eat “talk” to your genes, bringing them constant information to maintain your health. Scientific research says that your genes get the word from crucial ingredients in foods that activate normal healthy functions, or else the genes get other “words” that give it abnormal instructions. The research has shown that phytonutrients in foods activate the parts of the genes that make detoxification and antioxidant substances to fight off and prevent the toxin “monsters” from taking hold. And at the same time, they shut down the genes that have potential for damaging the body.

Recent scientific research following the Human Genome Project suggests that diet and environment, more so than your genes, affect your health, longevity, and susceptibility to disease. Current research indicates that some genes that point to the body's greater potential to have a condition or illness are turned “on” or “off” by the foods that you eat.

Toxins are what you want to avoid, but according to researchers the typical American diet and the environment call on the immune system to act frequently. You might imagine that in a continuous red alert the immune system can at times cause a “friendly fire” situation of casualties that can lead to damage in the body. So, is there a way to help the body's cleansing process? Can you cleanse out extra weight, mood swings, aches and pains, poor digestion, “old age” breakouts, and fatigue? Yes, you can, by performing a cleanse.

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