Finding Money

Another release dream we all have is one in which we find money. Sometimes the money is in the form of coins on or in the ground. In your dream, the deeper you dig, the more coins you may find. Actually, experts say that if you find the coins in the roots of a tree, you should think about how those roots support the tree. The roots are the hidden strength of the tree—without them, the tree dies. This is the foundation of your dream. Think what you're really looking for at the base of that tree. Is it acceptance? Financial gain? Love? What does the money represent to you here? Is it freedom?

Terri, the woman who had the next dream, grew up listening to her father say that money “doesn't grow on trees.” It seemed that every time she wanted something, her father replied with that well-worn phrase. Obviously, it stuck. This dream is called “The Money Tree”:

I'm digging for something under a large tree. I can feel the dirt under my nails; the scent of the earth fills me. I find one coin, and then several more. The deeper I dig, the more money I find. I feel excited, as though I've just discovered some wonderful secret—that money really does grow on trees!

For Terri, money still doesn't grow on trees, but this dream may suggest that if you dig deep within, you'll find hidden riches. Such dreams don't necessarily refer to money, but rather to the treasures inside: character, strength, self-worth. The inner self roots us to our true nature, and therein lies an abundance of riches, often greater than we realize. Our subconscious, however, knows our true value, and that knowledge sometimes emerges in our dreams. This dream indicates not necessarily that you're digging for money, but that you feel good about yourself!

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