Dreaming of gambling suggests taking a chance. If you are winning, it may bode well for a risky business deal. If you're watching others win, the game may symbolize a fear of taking a chance. Whether you should be more daring or play it safe depends on other factors in the dream.


In order to translate a dream in which you're playing a game, take note of what kind of game it is and whether you win or lose. If it's a board game, you may feel a bit insignificant in your current dealings. If you win, it's a good omen of what is to come. If you lose, you may feel as if others are playing with you.


If you encounter a gang in your dream, it means that you're feeling nervous about a situation you're currently in, and the need to escape is great. Confront the problem, and you'll cease having this unnerving dream.


To dream of garbage suggests a need to get rid of old, worn-out ideas or excess baggage in your life. Ask yourself if you are clinging to something or some condition that you no longer need.


A garden sometimes indicates a need to bring more beauty into your life. It may be a metaphor for personal or spiritual growth, or a desire to cultivate a new talent or move into a higher realm of awareness. A garden with lots of weeds may symbolize a need to “weed out” old ideas or a desire to cultivate your spiritual self.


A gardener represents a person who takes care of things that should sprout and grow successfully; these could be relationships, financial endeavors, or personal happiness. Notice who the gardener is. Do you know this person? Chances are he or she has a positive influence on your life.


A garnish on top of a dish, in a dream, signifies the ultimate details in terms of your soul. Since food relates to spiritual nourishment, the garnish is the final touch. This is a sign that you're getting your life together—and it's going well.


A gate may represent a portal from one state of being to another. Is there a gatekeeper? Do you meet the gatekeeper's criteria for passage to the next level?


What is it you're gathering in your dreams? Flowers? Books? Whatever you're gathering is what you're hoping to reap from your efforts. Take note of the object, and look up the symbolic meaning in this glossary.


To dream that you're in a gathering can mean many things, depending on what the gathering is. Is it a happy occasion? If so, you'll soon receive good news and lots of opportunities to socialize. If not, you may have some sorrow that's weighing you down. Get out more and meet up with good friends.


An apparition or ghost appearing in a dream may suggest that something in your life is elusive or out of reach. If a person who has died appears in a dream, consider your past relationship with that person and what he symbolized in your life. A ghost of a living relative or friend in a dream may mean that someone you know could be dangerous to you. Or, if that ghost appears haggard, it may symbolize the breaking off of a friendship. Ghosts are not yet spirits—they don't realize that they're dead.


Dreaming of a giant can mean two things. If you're scared of the giant, it signifies that you're aware of problems looming over you that you're unwilling to face. If the giant is friendly, it means that your popularity is increasing and you're aware of the good luck headed your way.


If you're given a gift in your dreams, it's a good sign. You probably feel that you're being rewarded for a job well done. If your gift is broken or damaged, however, you may feel that you're not getting enough attention from loved ones.


To dream of a little girl can signify a longing for innocence or more purity in your life. It could also refer to femininity and the need to be taken care of. If you see yourself as a little girl, it means that you're feeling very vulnerable lately and you need to set others straight.


Glass is suggestive of separation and passive observation. Looking through glass in a dream may symbolize bitter disappointment clouding your brightest hopes. Receiving cut glass in a dream may suggest a reward for your efforts.


To dream of glasses is a warning that you're not seeing things as clearly as you should. Take note of what's happening around you and who is in the dream. Perhaps this person is trying to tell you something? (See eyeglasses.)


Glassware represents your home life. If the glass breaks, it could indicate a recent or upcoming dispute at home. If the glass is beautiful or if you're drinking from it, it indicates stability and good luck with family matters.


Flying in a glider signifies hopefulness and optimism toward the future. Possibly, you feel like you've been recently liberated from an oppressive situation. This could also refer to the positive progress of a new love in your life.


A globe, in a dream, signifies wisdom, world consciousness, and politics. It can also refer to upcoming travel. Also, a globe is a circle, which signifies wholeness. You're searching for completion in a project or venture.


If the scene around you in your dream is gloomy, this is how you feel about your current state of affairs. What's depressing you? Look to the other figures in the dream and examine whether or not they're actually positive influences in your life.


If you dream of wearing gloves, regardless of the weather, it means that caution should be exercised in your upcoming financial dealings. To dream of old, ragged gloves means that you may suffer a loss or betrayal soon. To dream of finding a pair of gloves can mean that a new love affair (even with your current partner) may start soon.


Glue, in a dream, may signify your wish to bind something or someone to you. Do you want to be closer to someone? If you dream that the glue is an annoyance, it may be that you feel stuck in a current situation or that someone is not sticking to a promise he made you.


A goat signifies nature and femininity—care-giving. If the goat is eating in the dream, it means that you long to find more solid ground in your relationships. The goat also refers to the month of January and the symbol Capricorn.


If you hear the voice of God, honorable people will soon praise you for your unselfishness and generosity. To see God in your dreams indicates exceptional happiness soon to come. If God is angry with you, it means you are unhappy with a choice you've recently made.


Dreaming of gold jewelry, coins, or a gold object indicates that success is forthcoming. To dream of a room filled with gold suggests that things may not be as they seem. Be careful.

gold dust

Seeing or feeling gold dust usually indicates regret over the loss of a treasured liaison or partnership. If the dust sifts through your fingers, you are meditating about the loss in your dream. If you see the gold dust at a distance, you feel that this loss is for the best.


A goose is often associated with a golden egg; dreaming of one is a symbol of abundance. On the other hand, a goose in the oven or on fire suggests that your goose is cooked—you're in trouble. Alternately, a big goose egg can mean “zero” reward for your efforts.


If people are gossiping about you in your dream, you're concerned with your recent behavior and are worried what people may think of you. If you're the one gossiping, you may feel that the power you have over someone isn't quite as strong as it seems.


Grains indicate birth and rebirth. They also refer to the start of a new project or undertaking. Dreaming of grains can also signify abundance and fruition in financial ventures.


Notice the aspects of this dream. Are you dreaming of a grandmother who has passed on? If the dream is vivid and in color, chances are that you're having an astral visit with her. Perhaps she wants to let you know she's fine or she has advice for you. If you dream of someone else's grandmother, you probably long to be close to a maternal figure.


A dream about grandparents may signify that you're looking for recognition and approval of your current efforts. If your own grandparents have passed away, check to see if this is an astral dream. Normally, you will receive visits from the Other Side from one grandparent at a time.


Grapes in a dream indicate fun, joyous times ahead. Don't be so pragmatic—go with the flow. Be spontaneous and things will turn out for the best. Grapes also indicate longing for love and flirting. It can also be a warning to be careful what you spend money on in the upcoming months.


To dream of green grass signifies good things will happen in your life. If you are in business, you may soon be wealthy. If you are an artist, you may soon become well known. If you are about to marry, you will have a safe, happy life with your partner. If the grass is wilted, it means you need to reassess your financial situation.


Like many dream symbols, a grave is one that grabs your attention, especially if it's your grave. A grave may portend a death, just not necessarily a physical one. It may mean that you're leaving the old behind, moving on to something new. As a metaphor, a grave suggests that you may be dealing with a grave (serious) matter.


This is a warning to watch where you're going in terms of love. The road ahead could be slick and slippery. Make sure you can trust your significant other. Even if his intentions are good, is he doing what's best for you?


When green is a dominant color in a dream, it can be interpreted symbolically. Green is a color of healing, growth, money, and new beginnings. It suggests positive movement.


Grief, in a dream, can be a good thing because it helps you deal with a problem you're facing in waking life. Normally, the dreamer is actually suffering from something harsh in both the dream and in real life. This can also be a warning dream to get a checkup.

grocery store

Dreaming of a grocery store refers to the many upcoming choices you need to make. Take note of what you purchase in the store. Is it a practical food, a staple such as rice or corn? Or is it a more fun, sweet food such as cookies or cake? This is a warning against making the wrong decision.


Dreaming of something grotesque refers to the fear you have within yourself. What is grotesque in the dream? Does it signify something for you? Notice the object that is grotesque, and then look up the symbolism for it in this glossary.


Dreaming of a group can have two meanings. How do you feel toward this group? Are you included? It may be that you're feeling left out in your personal relationships if you long to be part of this group. If the group annoys you, it means you resent having to join or follow the pack.


Growing, in a dream, refers to your emotional state. Are you the one growing? Are you watching something grow? If you're growing straight and tall, it's a sign of positive things to come. If your growing is distorted in some way, it means you'll have some struggles, emotionally, but that you'll come out of it a better, stronger you.


Seeing a guard in your dream may signify that something you deem valuable is being kept away from you. What is it that isn't within your grasp? Does it have to do with emotions or with a valuable object? Most likely, the thing you crave most is affection or love from a person close to you.


Having a guest in your house can signify two things. Is this person someone you know? If he is, it's someone you'd like to bring closer, within your circle. If the guest is a stranger, you'd like to feel freer with your choice of friends and within your social circle.


A gun in your possession can symbolize protection, but it is also a phallic symbol and a sign of aggression. If you shoot yourself, the act is what's important, not the gun (see suicide).


Gushing water or fluid often refers to release—mostly sexual. For a woman to dream of gushing water indicates repressed sexual desire. Gushing water from a fountain can also mean upcoming joy and happiness.


Performing gymnastics in a dream signifies that you're feeling happy and liberated or that you'd like to feel this way. If you're watching the gymnastics, it indicates a longing for simpler, happier times.


Gypsy dreams can translate differently, depending on how you feel about the gypsy. A gypsy can signify mistrust, misunderstanding, and misplaced values. But she can also signify adventure, freedom, and spontaneity. Analyze how you feel toward the gypsy, and you'll get to the root of these issues at hand.

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