Exercise: Drawing Simple Shapes

Aim: To practice hand-eye coordination

Materials: Paper and pencil or pen

Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Set Up: Place your paper close to the examples here, so that you can quickly look back and forth from the book to your drawing.

Start Drawing: Copy each line and shape freehand. This means you cannot use a ruler. To draw a curve, turn the paper so that your hand is on the inside of the arc. It is usually easier to draw a straight line sideways, rolling the wrist slightly, than to move the hand down the page. Take your time and try to make your freehand drawings as close as possible in size and shape to these ones.

Review: If you do a lot of handiwork, such as sewing or woodwork, or writing, you should be able to match the shapes closely. If you aren't used to doing detailed work with your hands, you might find it more challenging. Stencils and rulers were used to draw some of the shapes in the examples, so don't expect yours to be perfect; it's the practice that matters. Do the exercise several times, very slowly, to get your mind and hand working together. If you like, trace the shapes and draw right over them.

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