A Typical Pretrial Hearing

Here's how many pretrial hearings play out, so try to imagine yourself going through these motions. You and your lawyer arrive a few minutes before your pretrial is scheduled. You're dressed conservatively to show you respect the process and the judge. You've thought about this day for months and are willing to negotiate with your spouse and give up some things you had previously wanted. You haven't brought friends along, although you may bring your accountant in case you need his expertise.

Your spouse shows up with a lawyer and an entourage: mother, sister, best friend, and new significant other. Your spouse is wearing new clothes that accentuate her appearance and is sporting a new hairdo and overall look, including gaudy jewelry. You all go into the courtroom and sit in the spectator seats. Your spouse's new significant other and your ex-mother-in-law whisper and giggle while pointing and staring at you. All of your conviction to settle your case leaves you and is replaced by the desire to drag your spouse through the mud and make her suffer for what she's done to you and the children.

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