Mediums and Séances

What is a séance, anyway? Chances are, you are imagining a ceremony where a group of people sit around in a circle with their legs crossed, holding hands, and reciting incantations. The lights are dim, candles are burning, and one person is leading the session, waiting to be “possessed” by the ghost or spirit entity. Is that really how it goes?

Actually, you can conduct an actual séance this way, but there is no reason to sit cross-legged, hold hands, or recite incantations. And the leader of the séance, or the medium, is not “possessed”—we'll get to this further along in the chapter. You know you are participating in a séance if it's a ritual performed to make contact with the spirit world at a specific moment in time.

The Science of Séance

If you would like to conduct a séance, you will need a good location and a group of people interested in contacting the spirits. You will need no fewer than three people, plus one person who is willing to act as a medium. Don't allow nonbelievers to participate. The negativity of just one person may decrease your chances of success. A worse consequence, according to some psychics, is that inviting a nonbeliever exposes the séance to the less evolved of the spiritual entities. Also make sure that none of the participants is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Ideally, the séance should be held late at night, when fewer people are awake. However, avoid dark or threatening places. A séance should never be performed near a graveyard or near where someone died. You don't want the participants to be afraid—everyone should be open and relaxed. An uncluttered, tranquil, friendly, and airy setting is ideal. This location should have a round table that will accommodate only the people involved in the séance; avoid tables that would have empty seats once everyone sits down. Place one-color candles on the table—remember, each color vibrates at different frequencies and is used for tapping into different energies. If you have incense, that's fine, too, but place it somewhere else.

Before the séance, the group should perform a meditation of protection. And here is the final word of advice: Make sure your group is aware that there is no certainty that you will succeed in locating a particular spirit. Hope for the best, but realize that contacting spirits is difficult and that they may be needed elsewhere.

You can call on an angel or a spirit guide to protect you from negative influences during the séance. Using the method described in Chapter 5, ask everyone to imagine a pure white light flowing through them and throughout the room.

The Medium's Role

It's important to be careful when choosing a medium to conduct the séance. This person must be a trained and spiritually evolved professional. It's not enough for a medium to be a psychic. For successful channeling, a medium must have the right tools to attract spirits:

  • A balanced spirit.

  • Selfless, generous love to give.

  • Receptivity and sensitivity.

  • No old baggage, karma, obstacles, or childhood issues.

  • Maturity and wisdom.

A good professional medium has learned to forgive and to love openly. Besides being psychic, she is a stable, balanced individual who has completely conquered her inner demons.

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