Online Classes and Workshops

There are dozens of online digital photography courses. Some are free!

MorgueFile offers a free ten-lesson course online as well as free images that you can download and use as needed. offers over a dozen courses on digital photography, including ones on Photoshop, and many more online classes on different aspects of photography.

Photography workshops are held all over the world. It's a great way to turn some vacation time into an experience of learning about and practicing photography. You'll get immediate feedback from the instructor, plus you'll benefit from the opportunity to interact with others who share your passion. As digital photography grows in popularity, more and more digital photography workshops and classes are springing up.

Why do you find a photo striking?

Some pictures get your attention but you may not know why. Study them carefully and soon it will be obvious: It could be the composition, the moment in time, the lighting, the color, the subject matter, or the emotions, but something makes the shot stand out.

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