Diabetes and Menstruation

If you are a premenopausal woman with diabetes, you may notice a rise in blood glucose levels as your menstrual period draws closer. The rise in estrogen and progesterone levels that occurs toward the end of the cycle (about a week before menstruation) can increase insulin resistance, causing a rise in glucose levels. In other women with diabetes, this hormonal change may actually increase insulin sensitivity, triggering lower blood sugar levels. And in line with the true one-size-fits-none nature of diabetes, some women may experience no changes at all.

Tracking your glucose levels throughout your monthly cycle can help you understand if hormones are having an impact on your diabetes control (yet one more thing to keep in your blood glucose log). Discuss your results with your doctor or diabetes educator. Adjustments in medication, insulin, exercise, and diet may be necessary to bring your glucose levels back to normal during this time.

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