The Victim Who Also Becomes a Bully

Some kids who suffer at the hands of peer bullies turn their pain inward and become silent, downtrodden, and depressed. But other kids handle it differently. These victims will turn the tables and find a victim of their own. Ever hear the idiom “turnabout is fair play”? Well, the bullied bully does just that; she evens the scales of justice by forcing other kids to suffer the same pain and torment that she does.

If mom verbally abuses her, chances are she'll verbally abuse her peers. If her dad physically abuses her, she may physically abuse her younger brother. If she was the victim of rumors and gossip throughout third grade, she will be the one to start the rumor mill churning about the transfer student on the first day of fourth grade.

But not all kids who are bullied lash back. In fact, the majority don't. The majority of kids who are bullied are non-aggressive, nonviolent, and quietly absorb and internalize the abuse.

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