The Ophelia Project

In 1997, The Ophelia Project was founded as a direct effort to increase parental and community support for girls. The project is now one of the nation's leading authorities on identifying and addressing relational aggression (behavior meant to hurt someone by harming her relationships with others).

Today, The Ophelia Project serves girls, boys, and adults in its continued efforts to stop relational aggression. The Ophelia Project pairs with educational, civic, and community leaders in an effort to create safe social climates where relational aggression and bullying are not tolerated.

The Ophelia Project's services and programs include:

  • CASS (Creating a Safe School): As the Ophelia Project advances new anti-bullying programs, it creates safe social climates through this prevention-oriented, school-based initiative.

  • Original curricula development and leadership training: The Ophelia Project provides educational materials and events in an exciting pilot project designed and launched in collaboration with the Girl Scout councils.

  • National Opheliate: The organization cultivates grassroots change by mobilizing volunteers across the country and empowering them to operate an affiliate in their own communities.

  • Workforce Dynamics: This powerful program specifically targets relational aggression in the workplace.

What makes the Ophelia Project unique is that it strives for systemic, long-term change. The programs aren't designed to be a quick fix for the problems facing children and schools today. The focus is on long-term cultural change, and The Ophelia Project is trying to achieve that change by altering the destructive social norms that perpetuate the cycle of covert relational aggression in children, youth, and adults.

The program trains peers as leaders and believes peer mentoring relationships can be very effective at changing the attitudes and overall climate in a school setting. The majority of these programs are successful when conducted in existing social settings. YMCA's, Girl Scout troops, and other existing clubs and organizations partner with The Ophelia Project to enact change.

If your daughter's school is experiencing problems with relational aggression, consider looking into the program. For additional information, visit their website.

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