Here is a sample anti-bullying contract or pledge:

We the students of


agree to work together to stop bullying at our school.

Bullying is defined as intentionally aggressive behavior that can take many forms (verbal, physical, social/relational/emotional, or cyber bullying — or any combination of these); it involves an imbalance of power, and is often repeated over a period of time. The bullying can consist of one child bullying another, a group of children ganging up against one lone child, or one group of kids targeting another group.

Common behaviors attributed to bullying include put-downs, name calling, rumors, gossip, verbal threats, menacing, harassment, intimidation, social isolation or exclusion, and physical assaults.

We believe that no student deserves to be bullied and that every student regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, size, gender, popularity, athletic, academic, or social ability, or intelligence has the right to feel safe, secure, and respected.

I agree to:

  • Treat other students with kindness and respect.

  • Not engage in verbal, relational, or physical bullying or cyber bullying.

  • Be aware of the school's anti-bullying policies and procedures.

  • Abide by the school's anti-bullying policies and procedures.

  • Support students who have been victimized by bullies.

  • Speak out against verbal, relational, and physical bullying and cyber bullying.

  • Notify a parent, teacher, or school administrator when bullying does occur.

  • Be a good role model for other students.

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