Snacks and Treats

The best way to help your dachshund maintain a healthy weight his entire life is to count all of his treats into his daily food ration. Treats should also only be given as a reward for something, and that something should always be a behavior you want to encourage.

Reward-based training is often food-based, which is great for larger dogs who can handle small treats during an hour-long training session without affecting much of their regular food portions. The dachshund is smaller and more efficient in metabolism — as discussed previously — and can't handle additional training treats unless they are incorporated as part of his total food intake. Prepackaged treats can be particularly poor choices for dachsies, as often these treats are high in sugar and salt.

There are several ways to work around the treat situation. One is to use a portion of the dog's daily rations as training treats or as “around the house” treats. For training, however, it's usually helpful to have something particularly yummy as a reward for learning or repeating a new skill. Tiny bits of baked chicken are very healthful and serve this purpose well, but they still must be considered as part of your dog's daily allowance.

Some dogs adore vegetables. If you're a lucky owner with a dog such as this, vegetable treats are a great low-calorie solution. Carrots seem to be a particular favorite among many dogs.

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